Saving time and boosting productivity are the goals of almost every business, but this savings is especially important for utilities. The tight regulation that surrounds these businesses along with the stringent customer demands for service combine to create a situation where every minute of employee productivity counts.

One of the common downsides for utilities upgrading their CIS and billing systems is the amount of time that it will take employee to adjust to the new way of doing things, creating a situation where a lower level of customer service is expected for a while until everyone gets up to speed, but that doesn’t have to be the case. An advanced CIS system, one that is designed with the user and customer at the center of all things, can not only remove this stumbling block, but can actually increase productivity from day one.

It’s this benefit that Anaheim Public Utilities discovered after upgrading to Systems & Software’s enQuesta CIS solution. On top of all the other tangible benefits that a highly-automated, comprehensive CIS solution provides, Anaheim found that new CSR training time was cut down by nearly 75 percent, greatly reducing the time between making the business decision to hire more representatives and seeing that decision have a positive impact on the business.

Systems and Software’s mission was to streamline the utility’s strategic goals of fulfilling customer commitments while driving operational excellence. Anaheim had three key initiatives: Implement enQuesta’s customer self-service features, provide a citywide cashiering system, and increase the capabilities of their mobile workforce. Anaheim utilized Systems and Software’s enQuesta solution to meet these goals and ultimately satisfy their water and electric customers.

From the onset, Anaheim immediately gained access to new customer self-service tools by using the new CIS. By integrating the customer self-service portal Anaheim has reached a new level of productivity, customer satisfaction, and success. In addition, implementing enQuesta modernized the CIS with the ability to process over-the-counter transactions. The direct impact that improved customer relationships had on ROI was as clear as the water the public utility provides.

Lastly, with the right connectivity tools, Anaheim benefits from better workflow management and increased field productivity. With the enQuestaLink solution, and Anaheim is now able to link mobile field orders directly the office in real-time.

Not only did Systems and Software increase Anaheim’s capabilities, they did it without the drawbacks that normally accompany these kinds of massive technology overhauls. The software is designed from the ground up with usability at its core, so experienced employees can quickly feel at home and begin exploring the capabilities of this new system, but new employees are also able to master their responsibilities much quicker than with legacy systems. By reducing the typical eight week training time by 75 percent, Anaheim was able to see an increased ROI on their investment in new staff, and by leveraging everything else that enQuesta and its accompanying modules has to offer, the city can look forward to years of increased productivity and improved customer service capabilities.