04 Feb 2015
February 4, 2015

Are Utilities Making Mobile Work for Them?

enQuesta Go

Mobile technology and devices are not only transforming the way business is conducted in the utility world and all over the globe, but they are also advancing the age of consumerization as we know it. According to a prediction by Gartner, a big point of emphasis going forward in the mobile world will be “serving the needs of mobile users in different contexts and environments.”

More and more users are consuming IT through their applications. Those users include customers that access applications for different services, as well as employees that use devices to complete job tasks in the field or in the office.

Mobile has become a strategic area of focus for organizations to boost productivity in both areas. To that end, a study by IDG confirmed that 83 percent of organizations are planning to invest in mobile technology over the next 12 months, with a large percentage of the investment going to tablets.

Mobility in the Utility Space

In the utility world, the mobile expansion is chugging along, but it hasn’t hit breakaway speed just yet. The transition to a mobile-enabled workforce has been slowed by integration, configuration, and setup speed bumps.

These challenges aside, users aren’t so forgiving. They demand the flexibility and benefits mobile functionality offers – better collaboration, more efficient workflow processes, and quicker time-to-resolution.

With a myriad of integration concerns and limited IT resources, utilities often lack the ability to fully embrace mobility as they would like. These businesses have to turn to third-party providers to modernize their offerings, and should look for instances where a mobility option is just a larger part of an overall CIS solution. For instance, on top of its powerful enQuesta CIS solution, Systems & Software offers two different web-based mobile solutions for their customers and employees.

Systems & Software’s Mobile Solutions

enQuesta GO enables users to manage their accounts online from the mobile device of their choice or convenience, cutting out the manual steps associated with tracking utility information in real-time. Customers can take ownership of their accounts while customer service representatives can take a break from all of the runaround to focus on more strategic tasks.

For utility workers, enQuesta Link improves workflow processes that are muddied in the field. Work orders can be expedited from the back office to onsite locations through wireless CIS functionality. With IBM Cognos Business Intelligence as the main reporting tool, utility management and their agents can use the IBM software to prepare ad-hoc reports based on the data enQuesta stores in the database. These reports can range from simple and standard data exports to giant reports with numerous complex filters, prompts and charts. Every customer can get out of it exactly what they need.

To get deeper insight into both solutions and how they can help utilities enhance customer service, increase efficiencies and drive revenues, see what S&S has to offer here.