22 Oct 2013
October 22, 2013

Cameron Mahbubian

General Manager & Executive Vice President

As the General Manager & Executive Vice President of Systems & Software, Cameron is responsible for the business unit in general and heads up the strategic initiatives of the business unit. Cameron is also acting as the Vice President of Sales. He just joined the team at Systems & Software in January 2017. Cameron has 20+ years of experience in the high-tech and utilities industry. Prior to joining S&S, Cameron held various other executive (most recently VP of R&D and Support Services at Cogsdale) and managerial roles for several award winning companies and consulted for many reputed organizations including Fortune 500s. Thanks to his strong software development/engineering background, Cameron has been instrumental in the design, creation, and innovation of numerous applications currently being used by cities, utilities, universities, pharmaceutical companies, oil & gas entities, and de-regulated competitive retailers in both the power & gas sectors. In addition to having been published in magazines and books, Cameron also plays an active role in the high-tech conference circuit and has presented at several world renowned conferences.

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