International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

From Our EVP’s Desk: Thanking Brilliant & Bold Professional Women on International Women’s Day

Over this past year we have all faced unexpected hardships. From our workplaces to our homes, which have become a busy workplace and homeschooling institution for many, we have been challenged and tested in every area of our lives.

Through these difficult times we are learning a lot about ourselves and others, and I think most of us have been pleasantly surprised. Each one of us is navigating the great unknown with sincere determination, strength of character, courage, resolve, and the willingness to forge ahead, no matter what. We are constantly learning, adapting, and growing. We are leaning on each other, learning from each other, and stepping up in ways we never imagined.

“There is no limit to what we as women, can accomplish ” – Michelle Obama

Under the same light, and in celebration of International Women’s Day, I wish to share my humble appreciation for the women on our Systems & Software team and for those working for our client companies. Although relatively well known in most countries, it’s important to shed light and put into context the importance of this day.

Today is a day for celebrating the cultural, social, political, and economic achievements of women, globally. It’s a day in which we take a moment to applaud the women who impact our lives, support gender parity at every level, and truly make a difference.

At Systems & Software, we share in and applaud the triumphs of women around the world, those who take chances to influence change and are working together to break barriers to move us forward. It’s the passion that we as women share which enables us to become leaders in our careers and our lives.

Please join me in celebrating all the women who are making important strides, pushing forward despite roadblocks, and truly making a difference in all our lives.


Dana Lendorf-McCarthy