June Employee of the Month – Jeryl‑ann Butler

June Employee of the Month - Jeryl‑ann Butler

How long you’ve been with S&S?
I joined S&S in the fall of ’98. I started as a developer and worked on conversions, interfaces and a few of the functional areas of the software. However, the majority of my career at S&S has been in project management.

What you like most about working at S&S?
I love the diversity that comes with working on projects. Every project brings new challenges and opportunities for growth. There’s always advancements in technology and new software features to learn about. It’s also interesting to work with new people and teams from different organizations and areas of the country.

S&S has grown a bit since I started but the culture is still that of a small, tight-knit company. It’s great to work in an environment where people are very supportive and care for one another.

What you do outside of your day to day, interests & hobbies etc.?
Outside of the workday, I enjoy hanging out with my dog, Buddy. He’s 3+ but still acts like a goofy puppy. I also love to travel, do scuba, take pictures, draw and paint.