September Employee of the Month – Irina Chmykh

September Employee of the Month - Irina Chmykh

How long you’ve been with S&S?
I have been working for S&S since March 2009 as a Senior Software Engineer.

What is your role and what do you like most about your job?
Since joining S&S I have worked on a variety of interesting projects: inquiry widgets, billing collections events, notifications, secondary parties, etc. I have led integrations efforts with different web portal vendors and supported our home-grown Web portal application. I’ve also worked on integrations with various IVR and payment vendors, giving me a well-rounded understanding of the S&S technical stack.

My latest role was as the point of contact for one of the v6 upgrades. I enjoyed the experience of working with everyone on the team and the customer, especially addressing the challenges together as a group. Between our hard work and the support of the core team, we were able to perform a successful upgrade that led to a great customer experience.

What you do outside of your day to day, interests & hobbies etc.?
My husband and I love to travel the world to experience new places and cultures, we especially enjoy continuing to explore our home country of Russia. We also regularly take advantage of all of the different outdoor activities that New England offers, such as biking, hiking, and skiing. In my spare time, my big passion and relaxing hobby is planting flowers and maintaining an organic veggie garden.