Gas Utilities


For over 40 years, our gas utility customers supplied their customers with a reliable, safe and economically feasible gas supply that enables residential life and economic growth in our communities. With the emphasis on cleaner, more reliable and cost stable energy, the gas industry is seeing a growing demand for its products. These economic factors have irrevocably changed how gas utilities and customers interact and most apparent is the expectation of customer service. With change comes challenge and opportunity to those who recognize and act.

enQuesta provides gas utilities with the tools to succeed in reaching their customer service and financial goals. Our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), intuitive navigation and user design, comprehensive rates engine and integrated customer self-service portal and Smart App propel gas utility customer service into a new paradigm of productivity, capabilities and success.

With S&S as your single partner you can realize less risk and less cost in the implementation and maintenance of your CIS solution. We invite you to learn more about enQuesta and S&S from not only us, but more importantly from your peers. Because ultimately your success is our success.

Gas Utilities clients: