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Most of the success we’ve experienced as an organization comes from the committed professionals who make up our teams. We have a long history as one of the best places to work in our community and our industry, and we embrace a set of values that preserve the important balance between work and life.

More than anything else, our leadership team desires the long-term success and happiness of our employees, both through professional and personal accomplishments, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and ongoing career support.

If this sounds like the place for you, click on the “Opportunities” button below for a list of our open positions. Even if you don’t see the right position for you, S&S is always on the lookout for people who will fit in well with our organization, so we welcome you to reach out at any time.

Why Join S&S?

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice.

S&S Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

At Systems & Software, our objectives are to provide our employees, contractors, customers, vendors, and partners an environment where their ideas, opinions, and viewpoints may be shared openly, freely, and without prejudice, regardless of their religious, ethnic, or personal beliefs. With just shy of 100 employees, we respect and recognize the depth of experience, rich diversity, and extensive backgrounds our employees possess.

Our mission is to create a safe & vibrant workplace based on acceptance, collaboration, and innovation. We plan to establish an eco-system that will be better tomorrow than we are today and allows our employees to continuously strive to fashion a workplace that is open & accepting to everyone. To achieve this, we foster a diverse and inclusive working environment that includes welcoming, valuing, and developing employees of all backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, educational accomplishments, and experiences. ​

Through our commitment to inclusion and diversity, we aim to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Enhance employee engagement​ & awareness with weekly, monthly & quarterly updates (virtually & during team meetings) and events
  • Recruit, develop, and retain talented employees using the Harris Computer recruitment model. The focus is on individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to serve at all levels of the organization (including men & women with diverse ethnical backgrounds, people with disabilities, veterans, LGBTQ2S+, and underrepresented racial and ethnic groups)​
  • Commitment to establishing a regular cadence of consistent, supportive, and open channels of communication across the organization​
  • Expand community engagement and presence and make positive impacts in the cities where we live, work, and play

S&S Diversity & Inclusion Vision

We continue to embrace and expand our S&S committees. We are committed to creating a safe place where information and ideas can be shared openly, freely, and without judgment. The Vision of our I&D committee is to establish a forum where employees can share their views & opinions and feel supported by their peers. Our employee base is represented across seven communities (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, LGBTQ+, Wellness, Women in Tech & Leadership, Veterans, and Working Parents and Young Professionals/Students).