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Gain operational excellence, and their customers feel the effects of a well-run organization. Because a complete customer experience is built into the system, customers enjoy easy access to their personal information with easy access from a variety of devices – mobile, kiosk, desktop, etc. If any questions arise, those same customers have fast access to self-help, and can still reach an informed agent to quickly answer questions as needed.


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Water & Sewer

Water may be one of the basic building blocks of civilization, but billing for water and wastewater is anything but basic.

S&S, through our enQuesta CIS, has been supporting traditional, new, and emerging billing and customer care needs for water utilities since 1973. It comes equipped with the most modern and robust features in the market today.

S&S’ deep experience supporting new integrations and evolving security needs make us the perfect partner for water utilities.


As the electricity market rapidly becomes more complicated, simplifying the complex for consumers—through the CIS—is imperative for utilities. This means adapting quickly to new and emerging consumer needs, all while maintaining stable, consistent, and reliable billing procedures. 

While this is extremely challenging, utilities that partner with S&S shift the burden of keeping up from your internal teams to our dedicated and experienced CIS experts. With a deep knowledge of the evolving challenges facing electric utilities, we continuously fine-tune our solution set.

Natural Gas

With several market factors driving up the price of gas, declining customer satisfaction scores are a big risk for utilities.

While prices may be outside of a utility’s control, enhancing the customer experience—to avoid negatively from things like bill shock—is not.

Through our enQuesta CIS, the team at S&S has been helping utilities improve and enhance the customer experience since 1973. While this includes maintaining faultless billing procedures, we go much further by providing visibility, choice, and control through our modern self-service portal.


Whether it’s maximizing the use of solar, wind and hydropower, or ensuring the adoption of any water conservation program imaginable, S&S has gone the extra mile to ensure our solutions are ready to meet all utilities’ environmental and renewable energy needs across North America.

enQuesta is fully capable of handling any net-metering, Time-of-Use, EV rate, Smart Grid, or conservation requirements. Our Capricorn self-service portal also provides utility customers with deep insight into their usage.


Legacy regulatory decisions, industry consolidation, and a consumer’s desire for more cohesiveness among utility services, many modern utilities find themselves billing for more than one major service.

While this provides utilities with numerous opportunities, it can make it more difficult to find the right CIS.

With deep experience in water and sewer, electricity, natural gas, and renewables, S&S has a deep understanding of how each service operates along with the industry requirements for each.