March 2021 Employee of the Month – Graham Rice

March 2021 Employee of the Month - Graham Rice

How long you’ve been with S&S?

I’ve been with S&S for 17.5 years, having joined in the fall of 2003. I had an enlightening trial by fire introduction to S&S with an 8 week onsite new implementation go-live trip a month or so after I started. It was challenging, but also very instructive and liberating to be part of an organization that put so much trust in my abilities early on.

My current role is Senior Implementation Consultant, however I have served as a Team Lead, Manager and Director in the Professional Services department throughout my career at S&S.

What you like most about working at S&S?

I love the variety in my work on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It’s also an honor have a chance at making people’s software and job experiences better by working directly with clients on implementations and by maintaining, improving and training on best practices for S&S employees. I’m lucky to have a career where I enjoy working with clients and also have significant time afforded to me to apply lessons learned internally to create implementation processes, check lists and training materials to be used across all implementations going forward.

What are 1-2 of your biggest accomplishments at S&S?

Bringing Metro Water live in 2011/2012 as the Business Lead was a very rewarding educational experience that also engendered a strong sense of accomplishment. It made me feel more confident in my ability to manage, train and help improve complex implementations. I also took great satisfaction in creating the first incarnation of the internal S&S Kaizen employee award for process improvement. Presenting the award to employees and the fact that S&S placed a high level of importance on the concept of continuous process improvement were great sources of gratification as well.

What you do outside of your day to day, interests & hobbies etc.?

After an injury some years ago slowed me down in my outdoor activities and physical

hobbies, I was happy to find a relatively new passion recently in birding and nature photography. Some birders will do a “big year” (see 2011 movie of that name with Steve Martin) where they see how many different bird species they can see in a given area in a calendar year. I did one last year and was lucky to become the fifth person in Vermont to see 260 birds in the state. Attached is my favorite picture from last year.

I also enjoy singing and impersonating various favorite artists of mine, though I imagine my neighbors would encourage me to keep this to myself.