Systems & Software’s Commitment to Diversity

Systems & Software's Commitment to Diversity

The world is home to people representing various races, genders, languages, socio-economic statuses, ethnicities, nationalities, and abilities. And April, Celebrate Diversity Month, is an excellent opportunity to take time out to increase our understanding of each other and the value of building and supporting diverse workforces. Celebrate Diversity Month began in 2004 to honor and recognize the diversity surrounding us in all aspects of our lives. This month was established to encourage us to acknowledge and embrace our differences.

Proven Benefits of Diversity

When we talk about the diversity at Systems & Software (S&S), we see significant benefits for our customers. They include:

  1. Better Talent. Driven professionals are often more attracted to inclusive companies.
  2. More Informed Decision-making. Diverse teams have a more comprehensive range of experiences and networks to pull from during the decision-making process.
  3. Expanded Creativity and Problem Resolution. People with different experiences, skills, perspectives, and insights bring more creative ideas to the table.
  4. Deeper Empathy for Customers. Employees with a broader range of experiences, including those who have faced hardships, are often more empathetic when solving customer problems.
  5. Enhanced Engagement and Retention. Employees are happier and free to be themselves in inclusive environments, which also positively impacts retention.

Pursuit of Diversity at S&S

For Systems & Software (S&S) and our parent company, Harris Computer Systems, diversity isn’t a check-the-box fad. It is a well-supported mission that is woven into all aspects of our business. Some of Harris’ internal diversity initiatives include:

  1. Mental Health. We are investing in deepening our understanding of mental health struggles and resources for employees.
  2. Internal Communities. Almost 500 Harris Computer Systems’ employees are currently participating in eight communities:
    1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    2. LGBTQ
    3. Taking Action Against Racism
    4. Wellness
    5. Women in Tech
    6. Women in Leadership
    7. Working Parents
    8. Young Professionals
  3. Women in the Workplace. We’ve built a Women-in-Action Forum to share, explore, and identify opportunities for change and peer education.

At S&S, specifically, we’re forming our committee to further direct accountability to our employees and customers.

The world and North America are places where people representing an assortment of races, genders, languages, socio-economic statuses, ethnicities, nationalities, and abilities call home. It’s our differences that make us better, and this is proven in the workplace.

During Celebrate Diversity Month and beyond, S&S will continue to focus on advancing diversity in everything we do. Please revisit our blog regularly to learn more about our pursuit of diversity and test your knowledge by participating in our S&S Culture & Diversity Trivia Challenge HERE.